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Install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu

March 8th, 2011

I followed the steps on this page to install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu.
To install and use a MySQL binary distribution, the basic command sequence looks like this:

shell> groupadd mysql
shell> useradd -r -g mysql mysql
shell> cd /usr/local
shell> tar zxvf /path/to/mysql-VERSION-OS.tar.gz
shell> ln -s full-path-to-mysql-VERSION-OS mysql
shell> cd mysql
shell> chown -R mysql .
shell> chgrp -R mysql .
shell> scripts/mysql_install_db –user=mysql
shell> chown -R root .
shell> chown -R mysql data
# Next command is optional
shell> cp support-files/my-medium.cnf /etc/my.cnf
shell> bin/mysqld_safe –user=mysql &
# Next command is optional
shell> cp support-files/mysql.server /etc/init.d/mysql.server

Here are some problems I had during the installation.

1. mysqld: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
I Fixed after installing libaio1: sudo apt-get install libaio1

2. When I was trying to run /usr/local/mysql/scripts/mysql_install_db –user=mysql to reate the data dictionary

This command gives the following error:
FATAL ERROR: Could not find mysqld

The following directories were searched:


Fix: Find and remove the old my.cnf file.
sudo rm /etc/mysql/my.cnf, because it was getting the details from the /etc/my.cnf

Don’t forget to set your root password.
./bin/mysqladmin -u root password ‘new-password’